About Paul Schrader

About Paul Schrader

In 2010 Paul sought the Office of Sheriff in San Bernardino County. Despite being significantly outspent 25 to 1 by the established politician who was appointed as Sheriff in 2009, he placed second in the election (out of three candidates). Paul earned the endorsements of numerous associations, California Chiefs, and other dignitaries.

Paul Schrader has 30 years of experience in city, county and Federal law enforcement. Paul currently works as a Deputy Sheriff Bonus One at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Paul was sent to San Diego, California for boot camp. After training he was sent to 1st Marines as an infantryman. After 2 years he went to the Military Police and was then assigned to work as an undercover narcotics operative at the Naval Investigative Intelligence Service (NCIS).

Paul continued his career for the next 26 years working in city, county and Federal law enforcement. Paul has necessary, hands-on experience by being selected for several important assignments. These assignments have given Paul the skills essential to overseeing a large and active Sheriff’s Department, and in helping to develop trust and cooperation with the community, which Paul considers essential. His law enforcement management skills include jail supervision, Logistics team member, Risk Analysis Team supervision, and Patrol and Legal Unit supervision. Paul has served as an Audit Team supervisor, giving him a clear understanding of how to most effectively use the Sheriff’s Department budget to benefit the community and Deputies. Paul also has excellent community and intra-agency skills. He has served as supervisor in the Film and Media Relations Operations, and was selected to sit on a Merger Team panel to facilitate the merger of two law enforcement agencies. Paul has received several awards in the course of his career, including the Meritorious Service Award, the Chief’s Service Award, and the Unit Commander’s Award.

A dedicated family man, Paul Schrader and his wife Judith Bell Schrader have been married for 25 years and live in Rancho Cucamonga. They have five children, Abby, Amber, Amy, Anna, and April. Paul has a strong family investment in keeping San Bernardino County safe. Paul was elected as both President and Vice-President of his Home Owners Association where he served for four years. Paul managed the budget so effectively that a raise in dues was unnecessary in a community of 540 homes.

During this past year Paul was invited to appear on NBC’s “The Filter” with Fred Roggin, where he shared and discussed his political views. Paul has also been invited to be a guest on radio shows, where he spoke on the current and future state of law enforcement, as well as his political views. Paul is also an NRA member and supporter of the Second Amendment, and has often spoken at NRA meetings.

Paul and his family are active in their church, Water of Life, in Fontana, California. They go with their church several times a year to help feed the disadvantaged in Los Angeles. He is also active at his church’s new food warehouse in Fontana, California, which is dedicated to helping people in need.

4 comments on “About Paul Schrader

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  2. I remember this.

  3. Paul is an honest, hard working and talented man that deserves your support. He will never support a gun buy back program. You can depend on him to defend your constitutional rights.

  4. We need change in the Department; we need a strong leader to make those positive changes
    That is long overdue. I know Paul Schrader is the man for the job.
    Check out his website read on what Paul has to say. Come voting time, you know you got my vote Paul Schrader. http://www.sheriffpaul2014.com

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