2 comments on “Paul Schrader, Candidate for Sheriff-Coroner, San Bernardino County comments on grand jury requst into possible misconduct by high-ranking officials at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

  1. I sure would like to see more reporting on this case and the actual story of the cover up. These Captains and Lieutenants involved in this have committed felonies and have really made our Dept look bad. I am not surprised at the Sun because they never get to the bottom of a story but there is so much more to it and it all needs to come out. I have never met you Paul but I am tired of this corruption going on in the great Dept I belong to. I am also surprised there has been no reporting on our Crimes Against Children unit running short. I saw your comments on iepolitics and I feel you should really focus on these issues. We have a detective who got in trouble in Arizona and can’t even carry a gun right now but he is occupying a spot but we can’t afford to keep Crimes Against Children up to full strength. This should be an outrage by the public. Especially from the big cases of Gardner in San Diego and the Garrido case up north. I also would like to see you reach out to the members of my Dept more. We all need to meet you and I think with many of these issues along with the mood in the Dept you have a chance at winning them over.

  2. Sergeant SBSD,

    I also would like to see more transparency in this case.

    I want to see if the Grand Jury investigates this matter.

    Yes I would like to see the press look into this further. From my experience with administrative and criminal investigation, I have questions regarding this case.

    1. I want to know why a criminal investigation was not started in the beginning of this incident? The reason I ask, when a peace officer is involved in possible criminal activity a criminal investigation is completed first. You would never start an administrative investigation first, so that the rights of the deputies are not violated and the criminal case has not been tainted.

    2. Why didn’t Mr. Hoops step out and provide the basic information to the public regarding this investigation 8 months ago?

    3. I would also like to see a copy of the criminal complaint? I wonder if it is dated April 2010? I also wonder if this case was ever going to be criminally investigated.

    The community want to know the truth, and sworn/professional staff at SBSD want this to be treated in a fair transparent manner.

    The Crimes Against Children unit is one of the most important units in the Department. People in the community have been asking me why the unit is running short. I think that this unit should never be touched. I want to restore it to its original size. This unit will get extra help when I am elected.

    I have friends at SBSD. I have retired and active sworn staff from SBSD that have emailed, called, and met with me. The members that contact me say they want change at SBSD. The problem is, they said if the brass find out about it, they will be punished.

    I also have professional staff call me and they feel the Sheriff does not care about them. Some of these members are in key positions and said he treats them like second class citizens.

    If you can help facilitate a meeting, I will meet with the members.

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