2 comments on “Candidate for Sheriff Paul Schrader says, “Let’s Roll on Community Debates for Sheriff’s candidates in San Bernardino County!”

  1. for once I would like to cast my vote for Sheriff of SB county after hearing the candidates speak. Come on guys, what are you waiting for? Gigantic donations from the Sheriff’s Credit Union or whaterever??
    We have plenty of laws on the books to enforce, just need a guy with the guts to get out there and do his job!!

  2. It is typical candidate arrogance from Hoops to not waste his time with public interaction. Look at his comments on the ABC7 interview (“80% satisfaction and 20% of what did I get myself into”?? Personally, I want my Sheriff to have 100% dedication and Sheriff Paul represents honest, hard-working ethics and goals to better the County while being fiscally mindful.

    Obviously Hoops doesn’t want to be forced to compete in such debates and it is quite obvious that he would rather not reach out to the public to hear them, rather, put up signs for their vote.

    Keep strong and let’s keep the “Movement” going.

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