6 comments on “San Bernardino County Office of Independent Review (When will it happen?)

  1. Rex Gutierrez is going to jail? Maybe. I can see something like this Office of Independent Review or something like it, could help identify people like Rex Gutierrez or othe county office holders or their employees.
    I read your post on Gary Penrod (former sheriff), did he go to jail? Your post said he was fined. If that is the case, San Bernardino County is messed up.
    Rex Gutierrez must be the first. They must start somplace.

    • Rex Gutierrez might go to jail. That’s up to the judge.
      I met Rex Gutierrez years ago. He seems like a likeable guy. This is really a bad time for him and what he is involved with.
      I agree if we had OIR we could recognize some problems in our county government and help adjust policy.
      Gary Penrod did not go to jail. OIR would have caught this type of problem too.

  2. Rex Gutierrez is a twenty-year resident of Rancho Cucamonga. Rex Gutierrez has a wide background in government, public policy, and finance. Rex Gutierrez was elected to the Rancho Cucamonga City Council in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. He left the council in 1998 to operate the Grapevine Press, but was again elected to the City Council in November, 2002 and 2006.
    Rex Gutierrez is part of Rancho.

    • Rex Gutierrez has spent years working with the city. He messed up. We will see what the court does with this. What message will this send to those stepping over the line?

  3. Would this office keep people like Gutierrez out of jail. I think NOT. He did this and that can not be stopped. I do not care for a bunch of lawyers, pointing fingers.
    Rexx Gutierrez got what he should have got way back.

  4. Probably more important than Rex getting his due, is How will a SBC OIR be set up. There are Supervisors who may not want any scrutiny anywhere.

    B U T !

    wat do i no?

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