2 comments on “Transportation Security Administration new pat-downs.

  1. I’m all for security at airports. But this new pat-down is so invasive as to be offensive. I was totally unaware that individuals had brought things on to a plane in these private areas. Is the next step a full body cavity search? Yes I can opt not to fly…but if I need to be in a federal building or a court room I may not have a choice to go or not to go. So many individuals have had experience with molestation/rape and this creates a very real crisis for them. Are our x-ray machines really so in affective? When did groping become a security method?

    • Karen, security is very important. When TSA oversteps the law, we need to prosecute the TSA officials molesting people. X-ray machines and metal detectors should be sound security. They also use intelligence reports. If they have a suspect, they should either arrest that person or let them go.

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