One comment on “San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry accuses opponent San Manuel tribal chairman James Ramos of gang and drug ties.

  1. For Mr. Derry to start out slamming James Ramos is connected to the Mexican Mafia, and slanders James Ramos leader of a Sovern Nation as if it is Un-American to be a Native American with limited American Rights is just plain “Old Fashion Racism.” Neil Derry uses his military background as a Marine and proud that he fought in Iraq in Desert Storm and shamefully uses “Mexican” and that American Indian are now the new terrorist in SBCO shows Derry was not a very good United States Marine because he must have had a Nazi Flag hidden under his pillow with a a little statue of Hitler saying Hi-Hitler I only fight for White Supremacy. Derry must be getting money from the White Gangs like the Arian Brother, Hells Angels they love Derry! Pretty sick to pick on Mexicans and American Indians.

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