10 comments on “Oath of Office what we swear and who takes it.

  1. This is only a selective to some. Check your own county for corruption of it’s highest, beginning with Ramos—Judge Mary Fuller. and no I am not just disgruntled at outcome of my daughters’ murderer and how it was not prosecuted properly or for the true interest of true justice for all the people of society, especially those in your county. Talk to Detective Bristow. Of course he is now a Sargent or something, higher, than when he was the Homicide Detective on the case against Andrew T Girvan and Roberto Macias. I believe he said he knew crooked cops, and yet I find that his brother tells me their Uncle was a police officer for Ontario PD. I will go further – and you may delete this post if you wish. I am told that I am attempting to ruin stellar careers. No all I have wanted was the truth and nothing but the truth, and Justice. Justice in the interest of all. Not just for my daughter. I am tired of being told to stay silent. I am going to ask if you know how I can get an internal and impartial and fair investigation into this case. This I believe I should have by Rights under our Constitution. My daughters Right to Life, LIberty and Pursuit of Happiness ended at age 23. by a felon with major charges against him, and yet justice was sacrificed for a plea bargain in a death case of Murder 2 to an ‘accepted’ plea deal of ‘no contest’ to Voluntary Manslaughter and got only 6 years, and time served of the last 4 1/2 years of wasted delays sitting in jail as time served, and will be out 5 years after her intentionally caused death by drugs. by this reputed drug dealer and gun dealer that she barely knew of 2 1/2 or so months. She was not a drug user. But she was convicted by those prosectors for her short association with him. She was not going to keep associating with him, but as she attempted to get away, he killed her instead. 2 former convictions of abuse to women, among various multitude of crimes, and still on probation when he was involved using this ak 47 type weapon among other weapons and drugs and still….. he is GIVEN a deal of the century, I ask why. I asked Mr. Ramos what kind of Public Service is this? and all I get is pushed away. Yes, I am glad it got to at least this. But we as a family, or I will just say me and her family was VERY OPPOSED TO ANY LOW SENTENCING OR PLEA DEAL. WE WANTED A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL JURY TO HEAR THE EVIDENCE. THAT IS ALL, AND ALL IS WHAT WE EXPECTED FROM OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. EVEN THE MARSEYS LAW RIGHTS WERE NOT GIVEN. JUDGE SAYS DOESN’T APPLY TO US. I STILL ASK WHY. CAN YOU TELL ME???

  2. Thank you for your commitment as well. I hope you stand for what you believe in. I was suggested that you were the one for this county to make things right. Thank you for reading and your reply.

      • Yes Indeed. I friended you from my deceased daughter’s page. In Memory Miranda Daly and you accepted. Michael Ramos has as well. Though I think he not even know who she is. I hope you read everything I wrote. I saw on your facebook page another woman in similar reference to him as well. I do not know this is the right or wrong place to post such information, however, I am not going to ever be silent about what has happened. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me, I’d appreciate it.

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