4 comments on “Video back on line of SBSD Captain Boswell and Lt. Toms Possibly Abusing a Vehicle Accident Victim

  1. This kid was obviously hurt and was going nowhere. This is the type of cop that gives so many a bad name in the public eye and needs to be educated and informed that we’re not the enemy. Kid’s do stupid things sometime, but that doesn’t mean they’re hardened criminal’s. Lighten up ! It seems that some that wear the badge have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid.

  2. wow



      From the desk of Rose                 

    >________________________________ > From: Paul Schrader >To: brasilnrose@yahoo.com >Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 12:02 PM >Subject: [New post] Video of SBSD Captain Boswell and Lt. Toms Possibly Abusing a Vehicle Accident Victim > > > > WordPress.com >PAUL SCHRADER posted: “Morongo Station San Bernardino Sheriff Captain Boswell FLEXING NECK of vehicle accident victim, Pulling Hair and Tugging Head of handcuffed INJURED MAN. This is one of nine videos a concerned citizen sent me. What is appointed sheriff McMahon doing about ” >

  3. San Bernardino Sheriff Captain Richard Boswell to resign about March 22, 2014 less than 18 months after appointment in August of 2012, and less than 4 weeks after torture victim Jason Arrona’s Attorney James Terrell (Victorville) filed in the Superior Court hearing of Arrona’s Motion to withdraw his guilty plea to obtain a full trial the written eyewitness account of Boswell’s arrest of Arrona wherein said witness refutes the narrative of the Sheriff Department—MBO Copwatch

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