4 comments on “Traveling with Firearms in California

  1. Just for clarification… Can that locked container be on the floor of my back seat, and can my loaded magazines, detached from my weapon, be in the same container? And… does transport mean from A to B? Or, can I have my weapon in my car as prescribed at any time for any reason?


    • Penal Code provides an exemption for transporting a handgun concealed; typically one uses a completely enclosed locked container to transport an unloaded handgun. Trigger locks, cable locks and other devices are not useful to avoid violating the concealed weapon law.

      Other than ‘not in the gun’, there are NO regulations on transporting ammunition. Ammunition may be carried in that locked container, in magazines or speed loaders, anywhere in a vehicle, so long as no ammunition is actually in the gun.

      The container may be carried anywhere in a vehicle; transport is not restricted to a trunk.

      • Thanks for the reply Paul. My main concern is that word “transport”. As in from A to B. If all the conditions are met, can I transport from A to B to C to D. Can I carry it with me 24/7 if I choose, locked. Not like I am going to the range and back home again and removing the locked firearm back into my home.


        One more thing. What if the container is locked, but the key is left in the lock?

        I hate to be a stickler, but, well… you know.

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